Following are the List of Testimonals & certificates from different temples & individuals/companies received. Some of the Tetimonals are updated here and rest stored at the temple in photo albums/archives

From : Raghavendra Swamy, Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Rama,

you have a very good website for all hindus. Many of the hindus in US will get a good idea about hindu ritals,and pooja, who can contact you directly for guidance.

God bless you,

From : Savya Sachi,Hiray Mangalore,India

Shree Ramcharyula,

You are doing a yomen service for Siva/Vishnu temple in Maryland.Kudos to you.Keep it up.

From: Chandra Mouli, India

You are doing a great job for all hindus in Dallas,TX by providing the key rituals & rities that hindus normally perform at home OR remotely.

Your website is providing a means to all hindus to get these rituals done in a timely manner,based on the yearly hindu calendar.

Good for those hindus who are in other cities who dont have access to a hindu temple and not getting connected to a good Priest like you, for their daily,weekly monthly & yearly rituals.

Thanks, Shree Sairam

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