June 2019 Events!   Saturday 1st - Masa Sivarathri/Shani Trayodasi, Friday 14th Evening to 16th Sunday Afternoon - Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Ammavari Pratistapana and Vasavi Jayanti Celebrations, Sunday 16th Evening - Satyanarayana Vratham, Thursday 20th - Sankatahara Chaturdi, Saturday 20th - Shani Trayodasi

Welcome to the Online Website for performing Hindu Rites/Rituals/Poojas in the US! This site fulfills all your dreams of Rites/Rituals that will be done on your behalf right here in US and prasad will be sent directly to your home.

Get all Rites and Poojas done as per your convenience and timings through the temple's leading Priest, Ramachar S. Mukkotipuram, who is based in Texas.

This is the only Online Website catering to all Hindus in the US for local/remote services to be performed conveniently for all Hindu rituals either individually /family or for a company.


Photo Gallery Updates

Photo Gallery Updates

Shirdi Sai Center of Irving organized Prathishtapana/ Installation function for the idols of Sri Venkateshwara- Bhudevi-Sridevi, Sri Rama parivaar, Sri Subramanya-Valli-Devasena, Nagadevathas on Mar 4-6th 2016, Please participate and get divine blessings.

Videos recorded during the Prathistapana were taken by desiplaza.us and posted on youtube. Please click on the files below to view the Function Flyer and the Videos.