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Nov 11th 2017

Sat, Nov 11th KarthikaMasa SahasraLinga Abhishekam

We cordially invite you and your family members to participate in the Guru Poornima celebration at your revered Shirdi Saibaba Temple in Irving.
8:30 AM     Baba Aarthi
9:00 AM     Dattatreya Homam
10:00 AM   Dattatreya Abhishekam
10:30 AM   Baba Abhishekam followed by Noon Arathi and Prasadam, 
4:00  PM     SatyaNarayana Vratham
7:00  PM     Sai Sathya Vratham
8:30  PM     Baba Palaki Seva
9:00 PM      Baba Sheja Arathi

Devotees can sponsor the vratam by paying $51/- and sponsor the Abhishekam by paying $27/-they are requested to bring flowers, fruits, and prasadam offerings of their choice for conducting the Vratam.