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 Classes 2017-18

Our 6th Year in Irving, classes will start from Aug.

Summer classes are in progress.

Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas 2017-2018 Registration

In Balvikas, children are taught ‘to respect Human Values’. Today it is very necessary that along with worldly and material education, spiritual, moral and ethical education should also be given to the students. The reason why the students of today show utter lack of finer feelings such as respect, compassion and love is that they have not been initiated into spiritual education. It is necessary therefore
that moral, spiritual and ethical education be combined with worldly education.

The Balvikas Curriculum has been designed and developed to perfection in the deepest possible details. We are following this very Curriculum. The aim is that the participants should blossom into human excellence. The Balvikas children who are being guided and inspired will be the leaders of tomorrow.

The virtues which such classes impart in them will remain carved in their memories and transform their outlook and behavior in the days to come.

The inner significance is that by introducing the understanding of human values which enter every aspect of life, the child from a very early stage is made to appreciate the importance of values which are the basis of good character and happiness and joy in life. The objective is to bring up the child with a proper understanding of human values through stories, practical illustrations and experiences in life, etc., so that as a grown up individual he/she becomes aware of the Divinity inherent in him/her and become a useful member of the society and citizen of the country.

More details on the Balvikas classes we are conducting can be found here.

Jai Sai Ram!

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